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Large Trunnion Style Hydraulic Fixture

Detailed Description: Multi stage hydraulics, PLC controlled, multi position trunnion style fixturing.  PLC controls were integrated with the controls of the HMC.  It was used on a Mazak HCN-10800 with a 1,000 MM pallet.  The weight of the fixture totaled more than 6,000 lbs., and the overal size was approximately 76" L x 46" W x 42" H.  The trunnion style concept allows the customer the ability to machine the weldment when positioned in two different orientations.


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"The collaboration between New Ulm Precision Tool and our company allowed us to improve efficiency and quality by allowing us to rotate the part for a second operation without unclamping the part from the fixture. The hydraulic sequencing, work supports and clamping process was complex, but New Ulm Precision Tool was able to combine it into an accessible, easy to maintain package." - Shawn