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Clean, Simple and Solid… the way it should be.

Meeting our customer’s complex demands for continuous improvement is what we do.

We design and build truly unique custom tooling that involves advanced thinking and collaboration on design and manufacturing. We are known for thinking “outside the box”, and take pride in developing clean, solid and user friendly designs. This page highlights several examples of our work. We invite you to explore these featured projects, then ask us about the possibilities for your project.

Large Trunnion Style Hydraulic Fixture

Multi stage hydraulics, PLC controlled, multi position trunnion style fixturing.  PLC controls were integrated with the controls of the HMC.  It was used on a Mazak HCN-10800 with a 1,000 MM pallet. 

Large Weldment Machining Fixture

This was a large multi stage hydraulic clamp machining fixture which held multiple versions of a weldment. Linear slides and cylinders were controlled by a stack of solenoid valves located on the fixture.

Modular Hydraulic Tombstone Fixture

Modular style hydraulic tombstone fixture with a rotary union on top.  The modular sub fixtures are located on the tombstone using ball lock locators and retainers.

Self Centering Crankshaft Machining Fixture

This is a self-centering hydraulic clamp tombstone fixture that will hold four cranshafts for machining.  The fixture is built for mounting to a 400mm pallet and used in a HMC.

Trunnion Fixture with Drop Away Tailstock

This is a hydraulic clamp trunnion fixture with a drop away tailstock. It is used on a VMC and the hydraulic supply is plumbed through the center of the rotary indexer to a rotary union mounted on the back side.