New Ulm Precision Tool, Inc. (NUPTI) has been designing and building Custom Machines since 1975. The machines we specialize in are custom Material Removal and Assembly Machines.

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From the early years to present, NUPTI has designed and built custom Material Removal machines. These are the machines that drill, tap, mill, counterbore, countersink and can include other machining operations. The machines range from the rather simple single station machines to the more complex machines that use rotary index tables or in-line transfer systems. The parts to be machined can be clamped manually, or with the use of pneumatic or hydraulic components.

We design and build machines to suit your company’s needs. Our designers will work closely with you to design a machine that will be exactly what you have in mind. If your company prefers we use specific products or brands, let us know and we will gladly honor the request.

Once the design has been completed and approved by the customer, the shop will begin building the machine. During the build, you are welcome to visit at any time to see the progress as it develops. We will request sample parts for tryout in the machine. This allows us to make any final adjustments and prove capability per the customer’s specifications.

NUPTI also designs and builds Assembly Machines. Parts that can be assembled include plastics, metals, composites and fasteners. If you’re interested in automating or semi-automating the assembly of your parts, contact NUPTI to discuss your needs.

Whether you are working with us on material removal or assembly machines, we at NUPTI encourage any feedback you might have. We listen closely to our customers comments or issues and work together to provide a practical and sound solution.