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  • Gather all available information and details from the customer before starting on a project
  • Create designs that are practical and user friendly for the operator and set-up personnel
  • Use customer-preferred components
  • Include design features the customer prefers or requests
  • Promote design reviews and meetings in order to keep the customers involved throughout the project
  • Always consider the customers scope, requirements and final expectations



At New Ulm Precision Tool Inc., we place great emphasis on quality. Everyone at NUPTI is aware that providing quality products is the only way to produce return customers. From our toolmakers who take great pride in their precision work, to the management-level people who consistently encourage better quality products, maintaining a high level of quality is a common thread among among us all.

NUPTI caters to the requirements of it's customers specific needs. When required, inspection reports are completed and sent to the customer along with the finished product. All of our inspection equipment is maintained through regularly scheduled calibrations by a reputable, independent company.

NUPTI employees have taken part in continued education from basics such as reading blueprints, to newer and more complex courses like Statistical Process Control or Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. NUPTI places great value on expanding employee knowledge, experience and competence through added training opportunities.

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