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  • Gather all available information and details from the customer before starting on a project
  • Create designs that are practical and user friendly for the operator and set-up personnel
  • Use customer-preferred components
  • Include design features the customer prefers or requests
  • Promote design reviews and meetings in order to keep the customers involved throughout the project
  • Always consider the customers scope, requirements and final expectations




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New Ulm Precision Tool, Inc. (NUPTI) designs with a goal.

Provide complete and well engineered tooling and equipment that is durable, user friendly and easily maintained with the ability to meet or exceed the customer’s requirements and expectations.

To meet this goal, NUPTI listens to the customer with an open mind, placing themselves in the operator’s shoes. Once the customer’s needs are completely understood, a conceptual design is provided for customer review.  Upon the customer’s approval, our experienced and dedicated design staff will work to complete the final specification details.  Customer involvement is a key factor in the success of any project, a core value at NUPTI.  It is our ability to collaborate well with the customer that gives NUPTI designers the edge in creating sophisticated custom tooling and equipment.

Over the years, the designers at NUPTI have worked on a wide variety of projects.  Below is a list showing the range of applications:

  • Workholding Fixtures (hydraulic, pneumatic and manual)
  • Weld Fixtures
  • Special Machines (milling, drilling, tapping, assembly, transfer, etc.)
  • Stamping Dies (progressive, compound, form, embossing, etc.)
  • EOAT for Robots (end of arm tooling/end affecters)
  • Fixture Load Devices (primarily for handling heavy parts)
  • Inspection Gaging
  • Basic Molds

Our primary design software is Autodesk Inventor, however we incorporate other CAD platforms as well.  The following is a list of design software proficiently used by NUPTI:

  • Inventor by Autodesk
  • AutoCAD by Autodesk
  • Creo by PTC
  • Pro Engineer Wildfire by PTC
  • SolidWorks
  • Logopress3 (for die designs)

Please contact our design team for any of your custom tooling needs. Enlist us as a partner in developing a robust, elegant, economical solution for your manufacturing challenge.

Telephone: 507-233-2900 • Toll Free: 800-795-1229 • Fax: 507-354-4991

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